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French Bulldogs have long gained popularity all over the world. These are very cute and friendly dogs, which are increasingly chosen as pets even by celebrities. We will tell you in detail what colors these dogs have, and also find out which of these colors are acceptable and which are considered prohibited.

Breed Standards

According to the standard, the colors of the French Bulldog can be divided into uniform and spotted. The uniform color includes brindle color and fawn color, but in dogs with spotted coloring, the presence of fawn or brindle spots and marks on the main color of the coat is noted. Of course, in addition to this, there may be other types of colors, including rare varieties, but most of them are currently considered by professionals as defects.


Previously, other colors of French bulldogs were included in the standard, there were even brown, black and blue French bulldogs. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons (lack of necessary equipment, knowledge, and skills), we could not study this issue in detail before. If now it is possible to trace the influence of the gene responsible for color, and other characteristics of the dog, then it was impossible before. In addition, the purposeful breeding of animals of a certain color was also impossible, so rare colors in this breed could be found completely by accident. Some, of course, have tried to achieve results in this field (to get a new unusual color), crossing dogs with close family ties, which, in turn, led to birth defects. This was the factor due to which some colors were considered unacceptable, and therefore were excluded from the standard.


Unlike earlier experiments, it is now possible to breed representatives of this breed with a variety of coat colors, while minimizing possible harm to the health of the dog. Although despite progress in the field of genetics, it is still difficult for scientists to explain the appearance of truly rare and unusual colors, so even now there is a possibility of getting a previously unknown color. However, you should not get carried away: as you know, some colors can significantly harm the health of the dog – it is not for nothing that they are included in the list of prohibited ones.

For example, to this day there is debate about how dangerous the so-called M gene, which is responsible for the merle color, and the list of defects in bulldogs with this gene is quite long. Therefore, it is sometimes better to opt for regular coat colors for your pet to live a long and happy life.

Temperament and character

The French Bulldog is a small fighting dog. Dogs of this breed are cheerful and mobile and have a stable psyche. They belong to the group of companion dogs, are strongly attached to the owner, and love children. In case of danger, it will protect the owner and family members. The diet of the French Bulldog must be selected taking into account the activity and characteristics of the dog. French bulldog puppy for adoption is perfect for a family with children.


The French Bulldog does not tolerate loneliness very well. If he is often left alone, he can grow aggressive. This breed of dog does not require daily active walks on the street, the dog feels good in the apartment. Puppies under the age of 8 months may act defiantly and aggressively, trying to win a dominant role. It is necessary to stop all hooligan antics, but not to scream or beat, but to speak calmly and confidently with the pet.

 Allowed Colors

  • Brindle. This coloration is quite common in this breed. In such a dog, blotches of red or black can be seen all over the body. In addition, in these animals, it is very often possible to notice some kind of mask on the muzzle, although it can be difficult to distinguish. The French Bulldog, which has a similar color, at first glance may appear black, but the black French Bulldog has never been bred.
  • Pale yellow. The coat of the French puppy, which has a fawn color, can be of different shades: from an unusually pale color (light red) to dark. There may also be a mask, but many representatives with a similar coat color do not have one. In addition, they allow the presence of white spots in the area of the chest and neck, but the tummy must be white, and without fail.
  • There are a lot of shades of this type, as already mentioned, and they look completely different. So, for example, if an animal has a sable type, at an early age the tips of its coat are gray. As the individual grows older, the color of the bulldog’s coat acquires a solid reddish hue.
  • Fawn brindle. If the color of the coat is fawn, but there are bright dark stripes, we can say that your pet has a fawn-brindle color.
  • Spotted. As a rule, in such dogs, white is found as the main color, however, in some parts of the animal’s body, spots of a brindle or fawn shade can be found. The only caveat is that to attribute such color to spotty, the marks on the bulldog’s body must occupy no more than 20 percent of the general background. Otherwise, it will be considered a marriage.
  • Cream. A type that is recognized as the standard in America, but the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) chose not to include it in the standard. It is very similar to a fawn but differs in that the nose, lips, and eyelids of the bulldog are not pigmented in black, but have the same shade as the rest of the dog’s body.

Rare Colors

French puppy with such coat colors are not allowed to participate in various exhibitions, but they will still delight the owner with their unusual appearance and friendly disposition. These colors include:

  • lilac fawn French Bulldog;
  • black and white French Bulldog;
  • gray French Bulldog;
  • chocolate French Bulldog;
  • blue brindle French Bulldog.

I would like to dwell on the latter in a little more detail. Although this color is on the list of prohibited, the blue French bulldog is currently extremely popular. These owners of blue, almost blue eyes, and the fur, is gray. However, from the outside, it may seem that the coat of these dogs really has a blue tint. It is the combination of extraordinary blue eyes and “blue” wool that attracts people so much, and therefore the demand for such dogs is quite large. The main thing is to love your pet, and he will definitely answer you the same.

You can buy these good-natured puppies with the color you like at Frenchie Joy.We are breeders of NY with more than 5 years of experience. We will help you choose a new family member and prepare a puppy for adoption.


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