Merle French Bulldog puppies for sale

Merle French Bulldogs are considered one of the most beautiful and highly valued for a reason. After all, this rarest coloring cannot leave anyone indifferent. With just a glance at this funny dog, the mood rises. If you add love for children, ease of upbringing, and devotion to the owner to an unusual appearance, there is no doubt that you have one of the best candidates for the role of a family pet.

But the French merle Bulldog has its own nuances in breeding. Unscrupulous breeders can cross two merle dogs to get the maximum number of merle puppies in the offspring. This is fraught with consequences for the health of merle French Bulldog puppies. That is why it is important to choose a responsible breeder. And how to care for a puppy, we will tell in our article.

What is the temperament of French Bulldogs?

Dogs of this breed are quite smart and quick-witted, especially when it comes to training. Without it, you simply won’t be able to raise a bulldog. But even a child under the control of adults can do this: the French Bulldog is famous for its patience and love for children.

Merle French Bulldog has a lot of advantages that make this breed a desirable dog. For example, it is quite compact, so it is ideal for keeping in a small city apartment. This dog can easily do without long walks. It is ideal for “homebodies” who want to spend most of their free time in the home circle. “Frenchman” with his cheerfulness and cheerful disposition can brighten up any, even the most gloomy day.

Merle Bulldog is perfect as the first pet in the family. He is often chosen by inexperienced dog breeders, as he has no aggression in his character. Bulldogs rarely damage furniture and do not “chew” the owner’s shoes. Of course, provided that you take the time to educate your pet.

The French Bulldog has an increased sensitivity to the mood of the owner. These dogs are true empaths. They will never pester you if you are upset or depressed. And they will be happy to fool around and play if you have the appropriate mood.

Despite the small size, the blue merle Bulldog can be an outcast defender. These dogs are always ready to stand up for their owner and his home.

When they stay alone at home for a long time, they will yearn for the owner, and the neighbors will definitely not like the long howls with which the dog will express his emotions. Therefore, if you are away from home for a long time, then it is better to abandon this breed. In addition, bulldogs that are limited in their interactions with people can become stubborn, willful, and uncontrollable.

Education and training

You cannot force the blue merle French Bulldog to perform commands by shouting or using physical violence against it. Such training methods are unacceptable. Otherwise, you will turn your pet into a frightened or aggressive animal by such actions. Experienced trainers in this case are advised to use treats in the process of training to encourage. And the classes themselves should be cyclical and short, but regular. Thus, you will achieve, although not fast, but sustainable results.

For especially stubborn dogs, there are training methods that are built on the principle of play. If you can’t cope with classes on your own, then it’s better to contact a professional dog handler.

French Bulldogs have an excellent memory, and they have such a trait as sentimentality. Therefore, when you take a puppy from a breeder to your home, ask him for a toy or something that has always been with the dog. So, it will be much easier for him to adapt in an unfamiliar place.

Education must begin from the first day of stay in a new home. Show firmness of character immediately, despite the puppy’s “tender” age. Do not succumb to whining and a plaintive look. You must show the dog from the first day which of you is the leader in the relationship. It will be almost impossible to re-educate an adult dog.

Show the new family member where their place is, the toilet, and the food and water bowl. In the first months, you can teach your baby such simple commands.

Cynologists say that the character of the French Bulldog is fully formed by sixteen weeks. Therefore, up to this point, you need to have time to establish contact with the animal, socialize it, and teach the first commands and the necessary procedures.

Maintenance and care

Lilac merle French Bulldog is unpretentious in care. The main thing to do is to wipe the wrinkles on the face, ears, and eyes to prevent the development of infection. It is worth bathing a dog no more than four times a year, the main hair care is wiping with a damp towel and combing with a massage brush.

Where can you find your perfect French Merle Bulldog?

Merle French Bulldog puppies for sale are waiting for you in New Jersey. They are ready to go to a new home as early as 12 weeks after birth. We also deliver our merle puppies to and within 300 miles of New York.


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