At the end of the 19th century, a breed standard was first developed in France with a reduced size, a drier constitution and a graceful head.

It is believed that the historical homeland of the bulldog puppies is England. After, in the first decades of the 20th century, English Bulldogs were brought to France, where they were noticed by the French aristocracy. For a long time it was believed that French bulldogs are the dogs of the wealthy nobility.

Dimensions and weight. Appearance

The allowable height at the withers of the French bulldog puppies for sale in New-York is from 25 to 35 cm. The body weight for males varies from 10 to 15 kg, for females – from 8 to 12 kg.

The French Bulldog is the owner of a strong physique. Compared to the back of the body, the head and chest of a frenchie puppy are large and massive. The eyes are round, bulging. Ears are large and erect. Overbite of the lower jaw. Developed muscular neck, wide chest, barrel-shaped chest, wide, flat back. The limbs are strong, with developed muscles of the shoulder girdle and thigh.

The coat of bulldog puppies is short, hard, close to the skin, the hair is straight, the undercoat is not developed.

The main coat colors allowed for exhibition are: brindle (a mixture of red and black hair), spotted (brindle with white spots), fawn or fawn-white.

The French bulldog puppies for sale in Long Island can have other colors: isabella, blue, tricolor, chocolate, or a mixture of these colors.

Character and habits

French bulldog puppies for sale in New-York are balanced and calm dogs. Sometimes they are stubborn and independent. Due to their activity and independence, bulldog puppies can be used as watchdogs. They are devoted to the owner, get along well with children, but can show character and intolerance towards strangers. They also need proper training and socialization.


Undoubtedly, French bulldog puppies for sale in Manhattan are companion dogs, ideal for living in an apartment or a private house. They do not require high loads and long walks, but they need jogging without a leash.

Like all brachycephals, they are contraindicated for a long stay in the heat and heavy physical exertion.

If you buy French bulldog puppies for sale in Manhattan don’t get it washed very often. Wool is cleaned with a soft brush or cloth. For dogs of this breed, regular care is needed for the wrinkles on the muzzle and the skin between the fingers, as well as for the ears and eyes.


The breed has an increased predisposition to congenital disorders of the structure of the upper respiratory tract, eye diseases, and heart pathologies.

French Bulldogs are prone to heatstroke, so they should never be left in a poorly ventilated stuffy room, even for a short time. Staying in a closed car in the summer can be especially detrimental.

Remember: buying a frenchie puppy from hands and without documents, albeit at a bargain price, is a high risk of getting a sick and outbred animal. We advise you to get acquainted with the pedigree and pay attention to the puppy’s parents, because the exterior of your pet will depend on their external data.

It should be remembered that when you buy French bulldog puppies in Long Island, it is very important to contact a breeder you trust or a kennel with a good reputation. So you will significantly reduce the risks of genetic diseases in your future pet.

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