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French Bulldogs have the French Bulldog fluffy gene. This is a recessive gene. If the parents are carriers of this gene, then one or more puppies may be born in the litter, differing from the others in the type of coat. These will be puppies with long and soft hair. They are called “fluffies”. At newborn age, only an experienced breeder, such as Frenchie Joy, can identify a fluffy French Bulldog.

After a month, fluffy Frenchie begins to look different from their standard coat counterparts. Fluffy’s coat becomes fluffy, especially noticeable behind the ears and on the paws. A little later, the coat becomes fluffy and on the body. Fluffy puppies look fatter and bigger than their standard littermates. Already in a month with a week, it is absolutely clear that the fluffy puppy. French fluffy Bulldog is a breeding defect. This means that they cannot be exhibited at exhibitions, as well as used in breeding.

When buying fluffy dogs, you need to understand that the long, soft coat is not in vain a breeding defect. This is due to the fact that the care of such fur is more labor-intensive than the standard one. Fluffy Bulldog get dirtier in muddy weather than standard French Bulldogs. In dry weather, leaves, small sticks, and needles are entangled in fur. In winter, fluffy fur can collect wet snow on itself, in which case snowballs form on the fur. Once washed, fluffies take longer to dry than standard French Bulldogs. The long, soft coat also requires frequent brushing. In fact, when you buy a fluffy, you buy a dog with the anatomy and brain of a French bulldog, but with a decorative coat. If you love long-haired dogs, you like to take care of their hair, you don’t plan to attend exhibitions and breed, then fluffy is your choice! After all, they are so beautiful that they cannot leave you indifferent.

It often happens that after acquiring one fluffy Frenchie dog, the owners eventually buy a second of the same puppy and do not want to hear about the regular French bulldogs. The point here is absolutely not about saving – the charm of fluffy is so great that the very first meeting with them develops into a love for life.

How to take care of furry dogs?

In fact, with the right maintenance, and minimal procedures, a fluffy dog will always look well-groomed. Consider in more detail the basic recommendations for owners of fluffy pets.

Fluffy French Bulldogs need more careful care – proper water procedures and regular combing of the coat. The rest of the manipulations do not differ from those for other types of dogs. For your French fluffy dog to always have a luxurious exterior, you will need to purchase a slicker brush, a comb with long and rare teeth, and an accessory for removing tangles. This is the main set that will prevent wool from rolling. Let’s take a closer look at each stage.

Very often, owners of fluffy dogs wonder how often it is necessary to bathe an animal. In most cases, one or two times a month will be enough to keep the four-legged pet clean. But, if the dog is dirty and has an untidy appearance, a visit to the bathroom will have to be done out of turn.

The usual pet shampoo for smooth-haired animals is not suitable for fluffy fur. It will be necessary to purchase a special cosmetic preparation, which is designed to strengthen the coat. There are also professional dog conditioners that make the coat silky smooth and easy to comb out.

Initially, breeders of Frenchie fluffy need to consider possible problems with molting. To avoid the detection of dog hair on all furniture in an apartment or house, we recommend that you do not forget about regular combing of your pet. Refusal of such procedures can also lead to the fact that tangles will appear on the coat.

Despite some nuances in care, a fluffy French bulldog cannot leave anyone indifferent. They conquer all hearts due to the combination of the gentle nature and charming face of the French Bulldog with a soft and silky coat. That is why such puppies are popular and invariably delight their owners.

How can you pick up your fluffy French bulldog?

Do not rush to pick up a puppy. Mother’s milk helps build the immune system. In the first month of life, this is the puppy’s only protection. The initial stage of socialization lasts up to two months, which is impossible without games with brothers and sisters and communication with the mother. These games teach him how to communicate with other dogs and people. Regular checks of the puppy’s weight and the condition of his ears and eyes accustom the baby to people.

That is why you should pick up a puppy at the age of three months. At this point, he already has all the necessary vaccinations and becomes more independent. At this age, he is very flexible and adapts well to new conditions. It is already easier for a puppy to stay at home alone if the owner is at work. However, do not forget that the pet needs to be fed at least three times a day. Frenchie Joy


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