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French Bulldogs are playful and perky, but not overly active dogs that become very attached to their owners. They will become good companions for both single and family people, especially with children, they easily get along with other pets. Keeping a bulldog is not difficult, you just need to take into account the characteristics of the representatives of this breed.

Their small size makes French Bulldogs an excellent choice for an apartment establishment. He will not be cramped even in a small housing. The same goes for the small house. It is enough just to equip the pet with a corner in a place protected from drafts and located away from heating appliances. So the bulldog will not catch a cold and there will be no dermatological problems due to overdried skin.

If you have a French Bulldog in your home, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Genetically, these dogs should not bark loudly, and often bark, especially in adulthood. If a pet begins to give a voice at the slightest concern, it is worth thinking about the methods of education and irritants that bother the dog.
  • Phlegmatic and seeming laziness is a trademark of the Frenchman.
  • Such bulldogs can show aggression only in emergencies. Their sense of empathy is developed above average, so if the owner is in real danger, powerful jaws will certainly get acquainted with the arms or legs of the offender.
  • Bulldogs love children, sometimes even more than adult owners. The dog can sleep for hours near the baby’s crib, guarding the place, and in extremely rare cases growls at manifestations of sincere love and disproportionate hugs.
  • The breed is prepared for a long wait for a person within four walls, but if the owner is more than usual delayed at work or a party, the neighbors will have to endure a long and drawn-out howl along with futile attempts to dig under the door.

There are many types of French Bulldog colors, and some of the rarest and most attractive are blue and blue tan.

 Origin story

The Blue French Bulldog and the blue tan French Bulldog is a color variations of the regular French Bulldog. Despite the name, this dog has its origins in England, where it was bred from the English Bulldog, which was used as a fighting dog or guard dog. French, on the other hand, became the dog of ordinary people, as he was good at catching rats. Then he acclimatized in France, where breeders worked on his gene pool and brought out an elite decorative breed for aristocratic houses.

Character of a French Bulldog

French Bulldog tan and blue are considered to have one of the best temperaments of any canine. These are very smart, mischievous and at the same time affectionate animals. Frenchies get along well with children and love to play with them, showing a non-aggressive interest in strangers. The French Bulldog will become an excellent friend to both a large family and single pensioners, who will give love and tenderness. However, with improper upbringing, males can show aggression, being individualistic towards the owner when it comes to his communication with people and other animals.

Care and maintenance

The blue Frenchie is fairly easy to care for. Due to its short coat, it should be combed out no more than once a week, and washed as needed. It is important to know that the bulldog does not have an undercoat, so it should not be allowed to overheat in the sun and have hypothermia. The optimal walking time is 1 hour a day, which can be divided into 2 times for 30 minutes or even 3 times for 15-20. The French bulldog should be kept in an apartment, a booth or a chain around the yard will not work in any case. For normal socialization, a dog needs a person nearby as a guide.


The blue Bulldog puppies are very smart, but at the same time stubborn. It will be very difficult for an unprepared person to train him, as the French quickly lose interest in all sorts of repetitive games. Be sure to use a tasty reward for the successful execution of the command, and in no case should you apply aggression to the dog – it will remember and become embittered, it is better to just change the intonation so that the animal feels guilty.

The blue and tan Frenchie is considered a non-standard suit. Please note that if your pet is blue, he will not be able to take part in exhibitions and elite breeding. The blue color was obtained by breeders as a result of discoveries in genetics. These are still the first steps in such selection. It is still difficult for scientists to explain the appearance of such rare flowers, but dog lovers are ready to pay any money to become the owner of four-legged exotic colors. The human eye is struck by the piercing look of the dog’s light blue eyes, reminiscent of a husky’s gaze. By nature, the blue and tan French Bulldog is a devoted friend, slightly phlegmatic, but at the same time not averse to frolic.

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