The nutrition of the French bulldog puppies for sale in New-Jersey should be based on the characteristics of the development and lifestyle of each individual dog.

If you pay little attention to the animal, practically do not walk with it and do not exercise, it is worth providing the animal with a low-calorie, but balanced diet so that it does not gain excess weight. It is better not to give bones to bulldog puppies in principle, since their teeth are easily worn down. The diet should consist of beef, boiled offal, raw sea fish, soups, vegetable salads, cereals. You can choose good food, which will contain all the substances and vitamins your pet needs. But let’s take a closer look.


French bulldog puppies for sale in Trenton have a flat muzzle and short jaws and, according to studies, in 80% of cases they catch dry food croquettes on the underside of the tongue. It is also more difficult for them to chew food than dolichocephalic (dogs with a narrow, elongated head – greyhound, Afghan hound) and mesocephalic (dogs with a moderately wide and long skull – labrador, English cocker). Feeding the French bulldog puppies for sale in New-Jersey has its own specifics due to the fact that brachycephalic dogs often do not chew food, but swallow it, which has a bad effect on its absorption.


The weak point of any brachycephalic is its respiratory system. Narrow nostrils, a short nasopharynx with a sufficiently powerful chest sometimes cause problems. In pathological cases, the problem of narrow nostrils is solved surgically. French Bulldogs normally sometimes snore and sniffle during physical exertion, in heat and cold. But sometimes bouts of shortness of breath become life-threatening for the animal.

For prevention, do not overwork the French Bulldog for sale in Paterson with physical activity, especially in heat or cold, use a flat bowl during feeding: it is difficult for him to eat from a deep one.

Also, in breeds of the brachycephalic type, due to the shortened skull, air circulation worsens, so they can perceive odors poorly. This means that bulldogs do not smell food from afar and can eat weathered food, which will have a bad effect on digestion.

The food of the French Bulldog for sale in Jersey City should be fresh, especially wet food. Do not store food in the bowl for more than two hours, the volume of the bowl should be enough for exactly one meal. Access to fresh water should be around the clock.


Serious breathing problems can also trigger obesity. Since French Bulldogs cannot be overworked, their food must be calculated strictly according to the feeding rates indicated on the back of the package.

Bulldog puppies are highly prone to allergic reactions: dermatitis, rashes, food allergies, swelling, itching, redness. Particular attention should be paid to the crease near the nose: if food remains accumulate there (due to a bowl that is too deep, for example), the crease easily becomes inflamed.

Your doctor may prescribe a special food for a frenchie puppy with food intolerances and allergies, or food for dogs with dermatitis.


Veterinarians do not recommend giving natural bones to any bulldog puppies, and it is especially dangerous for brachycephalic dogs. Their shortened jaws do not cope well with hard textures, and bone fragments can injure the gums, esophagus and stomach. Also, any food from the table contributes to obesity, which for a bulldog is a sure step towards problems with breathing and the cardiovascular system.


Each breed of dog has specific diseases. In the case of French Bulldogs , these are problems with the eyes, breathing, spine, skin, and allergies. You should constantly examine your pet and visit the veterinarian regularly to prevent the development of the disease or start treatment in a timely manner. Life expectancy with proper care is from 10 to 12 years, which is quite a long time for a small dog. Mating is usually a lot of trouble, so organizing it for beginners in dog breeding is usually not recommended. The first estrus in females occurs already at the age of about six months, while males reach puberty by 16 months. Early mating (up to 1.5-2 years) is fraught with health problems.

Pregnancy lasts about 9 weeks. The French Bulldog for sale in Newark is a breed of dog whose characteristics make it possible to call its representative a reliable friend and companion, with the right upbringing. They are smart enough, and at the same time look very cute and funny. Many people simply adore their grunting during barking, how they snore funny, and the desire to spend as much time as possible with their owner. If you are ready to give your pet a lot of attention and put up with its somewhat stubborn nature – in this funny barrel you will find everything you need!

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