Blue French Bulldog for sale

The French Bulldog is a breed of elite urban dog of different colors. Moreover, the blue French bulldog today has become valued several times higher than the rest. The French Bulldog is one of the three most popular dogs in the world.

The owner of an ideal character, not requiring special care, easy to train, French Bulldog has become a prestigious dog. Among its owners are famous people, politicians, show business stars.

Blue Frenchie is a color variation of the regular French Bulldog. The piercing gaze of the dog’s light blue eyes, reminiscent of a husky’s gaze, is striking. French coat can be of various shades – gray, blue grey French Bulldog, blue and fawn French Bulldog, with blue and gray marks on a white background.

Despite the name, this dog has its origins in England, where it was bred from the English Bulldog, which was used as a fighting dog or guard dog. French, on the other hand, became the dog of ordinary people, as he coped well with catching rats.

Then he acclimatized in France, where breeders worked on his gene pool and bred an elite decorative breed for aristocratic houses. Breed standards were defined in 1896, after which blue French Bulldog for sale began to be mass-bred.

If the distant ancestors of the French were used as fighting dogs, as evidenced by the folds and wrinkles in the neck and throat area, then the modern French bulldog is a decorative companion dog. Thanks to his cheerful but disciplined nature and original appearance, this dog is loved by many families.

Blue Bulldog is considered to have one of the best temperaments of any canine. These are very smart, mischievous and at the same time affectionate animals. Frenchies get along well with children and love to play with them, showing a non-aggressive interest in strangers.

The French Bulldog will become an excellent friend to both a large family and single pensioners, who will give love and tenderness. However, with improper upbringing, males can show aggression, being individualistic towards the owner when it comes to his communication with people and other animals.

Care and maintenance

Blue color French Bulldog is easy to care for. Due to its short coat, it should be combed out no more than once a week and washed as needed. It is important to know that the jacket does not have an undercoat, so it should not be allowed to overheat in the sun and hypothermia.

The optimal walking time is 1 hour a day, which can be divided into 2 times for 30 minutes or even 3 times for 15-20. The French bulldog should be kept in an apartment, a booth or a chain around the yard will not work in any case. For normal socialization, a dog needs a person nearby as a guide.

Due to their physiological characteristics, French Bulldogs cannot swim, so it is better to keep a close eye on them when walking near water. Also, due to their body proportions, these dogs cannot copulate naturally, so breeders often resort to artificial insemination and caesarean sections when the dog gives birth to offspring. Features of the nasal septum French provoke frequent night snoring and grunting sounds during breathing.

Blue French Bulldog is very smart, but at the same time stubborn. It will be very difficult for an unprepared person to train him, as the French quickly loses interest in all sorts of repetitive games. Be sure to use a tasty reward for the successful execution of the command, and in no case should you apply aggression to the dog – it will remember and get embittered, it’s better to just change the intonation so that the animal feels guilty.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of the breed are the cheerful and cheerful nature of the dog, the ability to conquer almost any heart with its actions and become a wonderful companion for both an active person and a loner. French does not need to walk a lot and carefully care for the coat.

The cons of the breed are as follows: blue Frenchie puppy does not tolerate loneliness and requires frequent human company; it must be regularly taken to the veterinarian to prevent health problems; heat and cold are contraindicated for him. Otherwise, the Frenchy is an ideal indoor dog, it is easy to take it with you on trips, it fits in a small bag. The dog easily tolerates a change of scenery, while maintaining a playful and restless disposition.

Now you are more aware of the blue French Bulldog puppies for sale. Blue Frenchie is a sweet, charming dog with an excellent character, which will be happy to be your friend, subject to mutual respect and the presence of you in the pet’s life. Share your thoughts on the possible diet of bulldogs, as well as methods for raising and training them.

Your French Bulldog is already waiting for you

In Frenchie Joy, you can choose blue French Bulldog puppies from 6 weeks old, when we are already convinced of his health and proper development. After 12 weeks, he will be able to go to your home. You can pick up blue puppy in New Jersey. Also, we deliver pets to New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania.


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