At what age can you pick up a puppy in Frenchie Joy?

The first reason why a French Bulldog 3 months old should not go to a new home is that the longer the puppy is on natural feeding, the stronger his health will be. Before the appearance of milk teeth, the dog cannot digest anything normally except milk and it should be maternal. Yes, you can use mixtures, milk substitutes, and give baby food, but such a substitution does not work without complications.

With artificial feeding, puppies double their weight only after 14 days, and when receiving their mother’s milk within 7 days. That is twice as fast. Mother’s milk contains all the necessary components for proper development: proteins, fats, vitamins, and trace elements. And most importantly, the puppy with colostrum and then with mother’s milk receives substances that protect him from infections: antibodies, lysozyme, and other benefits.

Thus, the young body has passive immunity, it will work for up to 2-4 months. The effectiveness of this immunity depends on many factors, on how the mother dog was cared for, and whether she was fed correctly, treated for parasites, or vaccinated. It is also important whether the puppies received colostrum during the first days, and even more importantly, hours, immediately after birth, or whether they were artificially fed at first.

The second reason why a French Bulldog 3 months old should not go to a new home is that the puppy will already be socialized. A puppy in the game with his brothers and sisters will gain basic skills: starts to bark, bite, adjust the force of the bite, learns body language, and accepts the hierarchy. It is from three to seven weeks that the puppy learns to relieve himself, and trains instincts (this includes hunting and sexual behavior). And you, for your part, teach your pet the rules of your home.

But there’s another reason why it must be a French Bulldog 3 months old. When a baby is weaned from his mother so early, he gets a strong psychological trauma and feels abandoned and abandoned. By the way, many owners also talk about this – how much such puppies “miss”. Many of them never recover from the consequences of such injuries. Puppies begin to whine, howl, bark, and demonstrate destructive behavior – that is, gnaw and crush everything that catches their eye. And this is not so bad – some dogs develop aggression, a tendency to bite. Many of the animals that took part in the study showed fear of every walk, became incredibly sensitive to external noises, “chased” their tails, and showed increased anxiety. In turn, puppies that were weaned at the age of two months or older did not show the above problems in the vast majority.

So, the optimal age to take puppy is when he is French Bulldog 12 weeks old, nothing less. Remember that the baby still has a very fragile digestive system, so ask the breeder what kind of food your pet received. If possible, do not change it for at least another week; introduce new food carefully and gradually to avoid serious disturbances.

Puppies are very curious; they are always happy to learn and explore something. Take care to create a comfortable environment. Eliminate even potential dangers. If you have other pets, make sure that the new acquaintance will be pleasant for everyone. In the slightest doubt, it is better to postpone the acquaintance! As soon as you bring your puppy home for the first time, just let him out and let him get comfortable, and walk around a bit. Then offer some familiar food and drink. Try to control your baby.

At the end of the article, we note: that the most preferable option is to take a dog from a responsible breeder and only after 9 weeks of age. Before buying, we will tell you in what conditions your puppy grew up, what he ate, and at what age he stopped drinking his mother’s milk. The later he was weaned from his mother, the better. This means that you are much more likely to raise a healthy and sociable pet.


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