About Frenchie Joy

Getting a dog is not only the most joyful, but also a responsible decision. After all, you want to make sure that you get a healthy puppy with whom you will share your life. We share your feelings and therefore will help you understand how to identify a responsible Frenchie puppies breeders.

What distinguishes professional dog breeders like Frenchie Joy?

These dog breeders work as legitimate organizations to produce the highest quality purebred Bulldog puppies. Experts comply with all legal norms and rules when raising and keeping purebred or crossbred dogs.

Professional breeders are breeding healthy French Bulldogs and conducting regular health checks on your puppies. They run the business by keeping proper records and accounts. These centers also conduct a thorough family screening and force you to sign a contract before the adoption process.

Quality Service

The best small French Bulldog breeders like Frenchie Joy offer excellent customer service by answering your questions in the best possible way. They are the best choice to help you train and raise a healthy puppies dog. A U.S. Certified Dog Breeder will also offer assistance with post-adoption services in the form of regular health checkups and routine vaccinations.

We will also test your knowledge of French Bulldogs. It is advisable to do your homework by reading trusted blogs and articles about the breed and understanding their health issues. Detailed knowledge of French Bulldogs can prepare you to contact a potential breeder in your area.

And this is one of the main advantages of Frenchie Joy. Because we are confident in our high-quality pure breed French Bulldog puppies and that is why we provide a 1-year health guarantee with every puppy.

Over the 5 years of working with French Bulldogs, we have found many happy families for our puppies. In our Instagram you can not only see all the photos, but also write to the owners of the dogs and receive a recommendation.

 The Nature Of Our Puppies

Lovely temperament, playfulness, and friendliness are what have always made French Bulldogs so popular. Pets love all family members. At a young age, it is an active and temperamental dog, with time it becomes more slow and imposing. Small Frenchie craves constant attention, active play, and petting, so it is not recommended for older or overly busy people to start it. The cheerful nature, the ability to do without long walks, and ease of care make the pet a good option for inexperienced dog breeders. Such a companion will be happy to entertain family members and guests, brightening up even the most gloomy day. The French Bulldog feels the mood well, so if the owner feels bad, he will try to please him or just sit next to him. Despite its compact size, the dog is ready to stand up for himself and his owner in the event of a threat from other people or animals.

When choosing the best French Bulldog puppies, it will be better to come to the breeder and get to know the desired puppy. Pay attention to the physical condition of the dog. Dogs are raised in a clean and hygienic environment to give birth to healthy puppies. You can also ask for vaccination certificates and routine tests to check your puppy’s health. The best adoption centers will also provide genetic research reports to clients. We will gladly provide you with all the necessary certificates and documents.

The French Bulldog puppy must be physically well developed. Have a weight appropriate for your age, chest volume, and all teeth set at this age. The teeth must be even and strong, and the bite must meet the breed standard. Limbs should be straight, not twisted, with free movement. There should not be a “rosary” on the ribs.

It is also important to pay attention to the behavior of Bulldog puppies. If you have a choice, let the puppies get used to your presence and watch them. Certain traits of character appear in a dog quite early, therefore, by watching the puppies, you can already draw useful conclusions for yourself. Even puppies born from the same mother have different character traits that manifest themselves during play and feeding. Watching the puppies, you will be able to understand which of the puppies has an accommodating, calm character, who strives to take a leading position. Most importantly, analyze what behavior suits you. So you can choose an animal for your character and lifestyle, depending on whether you lead an active lifestyle or are homebodies.

Remember that the key to a healthy and happy life for Frenchie puppies is proper care. Caring for babies is not difficult, as they have good health and a good appetite. Monthly it is worth measuring growth and weight. These are the main indicators that speak about the development of the animal. Do not forget that height and weight are the signs of the breed. Do not forget that height and weight are the signs of the breed. Very large individuals may not fit the standards. Proper weight is the foundation of a dog’s health. If the weight of the French Bulldog is excessive, then an excessive load is created on the heart and joints. It is necessary from an early age to ensure that the weight remains within the normal range. This is one of the basic rules of care.

When taking a puppy home, the owner is responsible for his health

Caring for a dog is not only feeding and walking, but also performing hygiene procedures. Regular procedures will help to avoid diseases that affect the ears and skin. The muzzle of a puppy has folds in which moisture remains and dirt can accumulate. To avoid irritation, wipe these folds with a cotton swab after walk-in wet weather, as well as every evening. Ears also need to be cleaned regularly. This is done twice a week. First, wipe the ears with a damp cloth, and then with a dry one. Until the puppy’s ears stand up, they require more careful care. Bacteria grow faster in an enclosed space and the ears can become inflamed. Eyes are wiped with a napkin. The coat is short, so the puppy is brushed with a soft bristle. Care includes up-to-date vaccinations. We are ready to provide round-the-clock support and assistance with the care and acceptance of small French Bulldog puppies.

For our part, we guarantee that you will get a healthy puppy that will delight you for many years. We back up our words and confidence in what we do with a one-year guarantee on the health of all our french puppies. If you are ready to buy a French Bulldog for your family from the best Frenchie breeders, then contact us in a form on a site or by telephone number


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