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    Choosing a pet is a responsible task. That is why it is important to know the maximum amount of information not only about the breeder, but also about the breed and care of the dog. That is why we will tell you more about French Bulldogs.

    What colors of French Bulldog you will find in Frenchie Joy?

    The French Bulldogs are currently experiencing a peak of popularity. Simultaneously with the increase in the number of these funny French Bulldog in USA, professional breeders have a lot of questions and heated disputes related to color.

    You can choose and order your future pet from the age of 6 weeks. This is because only from this age we can be sure that the French Bulldog puppies will be in good health. Once the French Bulldog puppies are ready to move into a new home, you can pick it up from us in New Jersey. In addition, you can use the delivery option. To ensure the safety and comfort of the puppy, we deliver pets to New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

    Why not all colors of French bulldogs are recognized as the standard

    In order not to get confused within the boundaries of the permissible coat color, it is enough to open an excerpt from the standard and get acquainted with the exact definition of acceptable and desirable colors. In principle, this is the correct approach, but there are several controversial points.

    For example, the fawn color of the French Bulldogs was officially recognized by the FCI international cynological association relatively recently – in 1995. However, in the United States, the fawn French Bulldogs population had already developed long before this moment, and the Americans were the first to receive and exhibit Bulldog of a pleasant beige color. In favor of the introduction of non-standard colors, they try to operate with arguments that if not today, then tomorrow, they will be accepted at the official level, as happened with fawn French Bulldog, and good and stable lines of the desired colors will already be bred.

    In fact, not everything is so simple. After all, behind every fixed trait in the breed there are genetic changes. Inept and uncontrolled breeding of French Bulldog rare colors leads to the consolidation of other qualities that are highly undesirable in the breed.

    The main problem that the weakening of pigmentation carries is associated with a weakened immune system. French Bulldog have not been spared from such problems either. Therefore, although responsible breeders exhibit white dogs with a black nose and dark eyes, they are rarely used in breeding. And when unrecognized colors appear in the litters of boys and girls, if they are not culled immediately after birth, then they are transferred to the PET class and sold with the obligatory condition of sterilization.

    What colors of the French Bulldog are allowed by the standard?

    The biggest hype lately is around French Bulldog puppies of the so-called blue color and its derivatives: cream, pastel tan, blue and fawn. However, no one can predict what level of immunity a puppy with weakened pigmentation may have.

    Against the background of weakened pigmentation, a rather rare deviation can develop – alopecia, which manifests itself outwardly as a moth-beaten dull coat with bald patches. Manifestations of alopecia in puppies and young dogs under three years old forever complicate the life of both animals and owners, because. specific treatment has not been developed, and with age, its manifestations only intensify.

    How to correctly mark the Frenchie color

    Many breeders, due to the variety of options even for standard colors, sometimes find it difficult what marking they should attribute to their own dog. There is a convenient scheme of conventionally accepted symbols, which are quite easy to decipher.

    The most typical of the colors is brindle (brindle). In this color, black and red villi alternate with so-called waves or stripes. The predominance of black in brindle colors gave rise to the myth of black French Bulldog puppy. In fact, a completely black color is a reason for disqualification, and dogs that appear to be black have speckles, albeit inconspicuous, therefore they are heavily darkened brindle French Bulldogs.

    The second one is a fawn color. The intensity of pigmentation of fawn dogs can vary from beige and coffee with milk to ginger or intense ginger. The presence of a black mask in this color is indicated in the standard as acceptable, and judging by the trends in scoring at shows, the presence of a mask has become desirable.

    With the colors described above, the presence of a white spot on the chest no larger than the size of a palm is permissible and does not affect the marking. If there is much whiter, then the dog will be considered piebald. When the overwhelming majority of the color is replaced by white, the dog is considered spotted (caille). This group also includes white dogs. In fact, whites are the same spotted dogs, but without a visual determination of the location of the spots or with a tint presence of hard-to-distinguish spots. The presence of specks in spotted French Bulldogis not acceptable by the standard, but recently such animals are increasingly appearing even at prestigious exhibitions and in kennels with a good reputation.

    It is difficult to determine the color when yellow spots are present on the main white background. It is a mistake to label such colors as tricolor (in the presence of a dark mask), spotted fawn. More correct designations are white & brindle (white + brindle spots) and white & fawn (white + fawn).

    The truth aboutnon-standardly colored French Bulldog puppies for sale

    Consciously taking risks in breeding contrary to established standards is tantamount to deliberately introducing unpredictable deviations into the breed. With regards to the French Bulldog, this is one of the most human-modified breeds. The unique appearance of these dogs, unfortunately, is associated with problems such as frequent indications for caesarean sections due to the disproportionately large head of puppies, which is an integral feature of the breed.

    This is not a complete list of possible difficulties, and it is inhumane to increase the number of factors that sacrifice animal health to momentary desire or trend. As a result, a classic-colored brindle French bulldog is completely unjustifiably cheaper than a black French Bulldog puppy and tan or other unusual, according to the breeders, puppy, offered for fabulous money to beginners inexperienced in the characteristics of the breed.

    That is why you should always choose proven breeders who provide information about Bulldog French puppies as transparently as possible. This is one of the main advantages of Frenchie Joy.

    That is why you will find only such recognized colors as:

    • merle French Bulldog;
    • fluffy French Bulldog;
    • lilac French Bulldog;
    • fawn French Bulldogand other mentioned in the article.


    At what age can you pick up a puppy?

    You can pick up the puppy starting from 9 weeks. We feel responsible for each puppy and want to make sure that it will have good health, so we do not recommend taking your future pet earlier.

    Why can't you take a puppy under the age of 9 weeks?

    The puppy should get a first round of shots before going to a new home. In addition, we can guarantee the health and good manners of the puppy only after this age. That is why it is better to wait to get a pet that will delight you for many years.

    Why is the price so different for different puppies?

    The price depends on the features and color of the puppy. But you can be calm, because each puppy is healthy, regardless of the price.

    What documents does the puppy come with?

    With each puppy you will get all vet records, the first round of shots, deworming, microchip, and a health guarantee.

    How can I pick up a puppy?

    Once the puppy is ready to move into a new home, you can pick it up from us in New Jersey. In addition, you can use the delivery option. To ensure the safety and comfort of the puppy, we deliver pets to New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

    Where can I find recommendations and reviews?

    We welcome everyone on our Instagram page named @frenchiejoy_. On this page we are subscribed only to people who have already bought a puppy from us. You can look at the lucky owners of the puppies in the pinned stories or even write to them and ask for a personal recommendation.

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